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Learn Vim Now!

Why Learn Vim?

Although we like Vim, we do not claim that other text editors or integrated development environments (IDEs) are not good or useful, and that you cannot be productive while using them. If you feel comfortable using a different editor or IDE, then feel free to continue using it.

Still, here are some of the reasons why we like Vim:

  1. Very good support for Unicode and Internationalisation.

  2. A programmer’s text editor, with features such as auto-indentation and syntax highlighting.

  3. A comprehensive support for many file types and syntaxes.

  4. A convenient command interface based on several modes (e.g: Normal mode, insert mode, replace mode, command-line mode, etc.) with quick and combinable keystrokes.

  5. Gratis, free (as in speech and in beer) and open source.

  6. Cross-platform.

  7. Extensible, configurable and programmable.

  8. Many extensions are available.

  9. One can get help easily using an active community of users, co-developers and supporters.

How to Learn Vim?

See our resources page for some options.